Sunday, February 7, 2010

Designing for the Next Season

It is only February, but as we are currently designing two urban gardens to be realized in the spring we can't help but feel a frisson of excitement when thinking about what to plant.

The bounty of a city garden can be surprisingly rewarding and meaningful, and so we encourage the inclusion of a kitchen garden in all residential projects when possible, even when a client does not share our passion for cooking or has no time to tend to landscaping.  There are many low maintenance yet gorgeous edible plants that provide fragrance,  flowers and privacy, as well as the opportunity to supplement a dinner party with one's own fresh things at a moment's notice.  Even a warehouse site can have a green roof full of thyme and a wild bush of rosemary at the front door to perfume the air.

We are convinced that the immediacy of a garden truly connects owners to their property.  Each detail bears authenticity; a sense of place and character.  Creating this kind of real connection to the site is incredibly relevant to architecture. 

The fact that we have a role and responsibility as stewards of the land can elevate even the smallest garden in the heart of the city into an endlessly joyful extension of one's experience of design.

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