Friday, February 5, 2010

Cabbagetown House 7

The spaces are coming together gradually; the lofty new side addition will be wonderful when filled with books, art and plants.  The openings to the right are to have tall sliding doors, to reveal the rooms beyond and niches for more books and art.  The side addition affords the owners a generous, bright new living space - a hybrid library / gallery / office - reclaiming the previously wasted side yard adjacent to the neighbour.  It feels much more spacious than one might expect from a single floor in a four apartment house.

The master bedroom in the new addition at the back of the house now has views toward the garden, and a freestanding fireplace near the foot of the bed will be gorgeous for winter nights.  The master bath and the side bedroom also now have large windows; the house has been opened up dramatically to receive light and air.

We are looking forward to seeing the Victoria and Albert Napoli egg shaped tub installed, the Alessi fixtures, and the new open kitchen with long island and concrete counters.

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