Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Munich Reinsurance_Bay Street Office 13 - In Progress


The reception area at Munich Re on Bay Street is nearing completion; full height lacquered pivoting doors will be installed, the glass wall behind the desk will have sandblast film applied, and the stone base around the desk is being completed.  

Galerie Lausberg has generously allowed us to view pieces in situ and we spent the afternoon hanging the favorites; we have selected pieces that are strikingly (and deceptively) simple with vivid colours, crisp layers and geometry - all are rigorous and impeccably made.  We have strived to achieve a sense of order, subtle richness and generosity to the space with the new furnishings, millwork, ceiling, artwork and materials.  

Dieter Balzer's 'Hybrid' is spectacular; we love that it is doubled in the glass Bensen Pool tables.  Juergen Paas' framed sketchbooks - documents as a meditation on colour archiving - are wonderfully direct and yet mysterious with their hidden pages, heavy zinc frames and primary colours.  Elsewhere we are hanging Hans Kotter's vivid 'Chromatic Plants' in the main boardroom, three of Regine Schumann's amazing 'Colourmirror Soft' acrylic boxes behind the Florence Knoll Oval table, and - very exciting - one of Michael Burges' 'Virtual Space Work' boxes behind the CEO's chair in her office.  

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