Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arne Jacobsen

To continue further along our Scandinavian reflections...

Hearing New York architect Michael Sheridan speak about Arne Jacobsen at the Vola event at Gingers was a crystal clear reminder that Jacobsen has always been a fundamental role model for this practice.  The holistic integration of architecture, interiors, industrial design, wallpaper and textiles was Jacobsen's indelible legacy; this vision and dovetailing of disciplines has been a constant inspiration for each of the endeavors for Jenny Francis Design projects.  Even his design process using watercolour renderings bears a kinship with the meditative introspection gained by creating our own watercolour sketchbooks, and the wallpaper designs that had evolved from those.  What fortune, to be able to aspire to such achievement, engagement with the world, and clarity.

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