Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Great Season

This gorgeous spring has been a whirlwind!  The ongoing designs for the offices, residential projects and VICTOR at Hotel Le Germain are all moving forward quickly.  We have just finished designing a custom wallpaper and new furniture pieces for VICTOR, and can't wait to have them fabricated.  The latest trip to New York has provided a great deal of energy to each project with fresh sources and references.

A personal pre-opening tour of the Thompson Hotel with Judith Tatar was exciting - it is great to see a luxurious new hotel opening in the city with an attuned curatorial eye to the art direction.

A weekend at a gorgeously restored 19th century schoolhouse near Belleville (thank you C + B!!) provided a much needed escape from the city. Their blue clay pond was a cool antidote to the afternoon heat - hello sunburn.  We certainly had a few Hamptons moments.  The golf cart rides through the clover fields to reach the water were quite hilarious.  By the way, 3 clangs of the wine glasses while on the cart means TOO FAST.

Last night's much anticipated launch party of the new showroom for AVENUE ROAD was fantastic - an amazing space, and an abundance of exquisite furnishings.  Toronto's design, art and media community was well represented - and well dressed.  We love Dennis Lin and Scott Eunson's work and it was a pleasure to see them both there.

All in all, it has been a very enjoyable season, with more to come.

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