Friday, July 16, 2010

Paris to Narbonne

A trip to France has been booked for August: several days in Paris, followed by a jaunt to the south coast on the TGV in order to explore the countryside between Nimes, Narbonne and Toulouse.  The plan is to immerse ourselves in a heady combination of architecture, the city, the sea, food and wine, and the chance to reconnect with good friends who will be heading to Paris from their home in Thionville to meet us for a celebratory dinner.  Material for a new photography project is also going to be a mission, as I am working on another book and series of graphic projects and so this is another opportunity to capture as much inspiration as possible.

That unforgettable first memory of Paris was of course the moment when the fragrance of hot croissants, browning butter and baguettes filled the still shuttered streets at 6am, as an early morning flight had left me wandering the cobblestones whilst the much more civilized Parisians were still asleep in their apartments.  The silver haired bakers in their floured aprons proudly tore bread with me, and I had the best espresso of my life.


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