Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hotel Le Germain _VICTOR 12


The walls for the two new bars with their impeccably matched herringbone panels and brass bases are now anchored in place.  One by one the elements are coming together...


  1. Hello Ms. Francis, My name is Lucia. In the above picture, that is my hubby in that "lovely" striped sweater. I like seeing the progress in the restaurant. I hear so much about his work, it is great to actually see it. Looking forward to your finished work.

  2. Hi Lucia, glad to hear it! I love to show snapshots of projects in progress, as it is easy to take finished project photos for granted; there is so much work involved to get to that finished state. I am very glad that he is a part of this project.

  3. Hi Ms. Francis, I would love to go to the Hotel and Restaurant when it is all done. My husband says the food is amazing. He brought me home a crossiant and it was heavenly. I looked at your other projects, and I really like your vision for the spaces you designed!!!!