Saturday, March 19, 2011


I visited an amazing metal shop on Friday afternoon with Joseph Rizzo from Parallel General.  This is my favorite part of any project - meeting people who take great pride in what they do, and who constantly seek to learn more about the materials that they use in order to produce exceptional work.  They only use the best tools of their trade - this investment allows them to achieve what others cannot.  It is no wonder that they are kept busy with a loyal following.

There are a number of very skilled metal workers in the city, and from what I have seen this shop that Joseph has introduced me to is exemplary as a company that takes tremendous care with each project, going above and beyond with every detail.  They have impressive laser cutters and waterjet machines that slice quickly and precisely through metal sheet goods like butter.  Samples and mock-ups are made to ensure that expectations are met, and raw materials are scrutinized carefully before use.  It becomes clear how important communication and the appetite for problem-solving is throughout the design + fabrication process.  It is amazing as a designer to be able to learn from experts, and I hope to work exclusively with people and companies like this.

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