Friday, January 27, 2012

IDS 2012 - Door Studio and Stobag International


The Interior Design show opened today - IDS 2012 - heralded by the kick off party last night!

I am thrilled to be a participant at this year's IDS, having designed the booth for Door Studio and Stobag International.  I designed the booth to have a clear architectural approach, creating a 10'x20' pavilion flanked by a 10'x20' 'patio' covered by an awning.  More on the design very shortly, when I have the finished photos to post!  I definitely wouldn't mind having it dropped off to my house as my own personal little garden studio....

I'm impressed by the effort and investment displayed by all of the exhibitors, not to mention all of the internationally renown guest speakers scheduled to speak throughout the show.  I attended the Conversations In Design event for the morning session, hearing inspiring talks by industry visionaries Eero Koivisto, Michele Caniato, Amy Lau, Michael Bruno and Claus Sendlinger.

It was fascinating to witness the mad assemblage of parts during the days leading up to the opening party - cranes and forklifts everywhere, full sized tractor trailers parked on the exhibit floor, shirtless installers, huge packing crates cheek to jowl, shipping containers being stacked, light rigging being hoisted dozens of feet into the air, suspense over late deliveries, electricians working like mad, huge rolls of carpet for the aisles being deployed, designers buzzing around anxiously, the IDS team valiantly trying to keep everyone organized - what a feat.

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