Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn 2014


Needless to say it has been months since my last update; what a wonderfully productive summer and early fall.  A short recent visit to London UK was a fantastic reunion with that majestic old city, filled with contrasts, inspirations, long-time friends, family, history, exploration.  100% Design and DesignJunction and the V+A.  Etc.  I hadn't been in London since 1999 when I last lived there.  I shall endeavor to share some images soon from that little trip.

A full roster of new projects is also on the horizon - I am thrilled about them, and will be updating more on all of these things in short order.  To name a few, a pavilion, a restaurant downtown, and a resort.  Exciting times.  Other projects are under construction, are concluding, have concluded, and at some point if the hours magically multiply those shall be documented. 

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