Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gianni Basso Stampatore in Venezia


I was thrilled to receive my beautiful letterpress thank-you note cards and envelopes that the charismatic Gianni Basso had made for me.  He has a tiny print shop in one of the quiet side streets of Venice.  I had met him 10+ years ago and he had made some cards for me then - wonderful to see that the shop is still there and nothing had changed.  It was a pleasure to see all of his samples - a legion of very famous names have apparently found his shop somehow and ordered various types of cards for themselves.  It's heartening to think that this tradition is still alive - a precious few of these amazing 18th century letterpress machines are still active and indeed the act of hand writing a note to someone is still very much appreciated.  I will savour the moment each time I send one of these into a post box.

Also - thank you Gianni for recommending that restaurant - it was indeed delicious traditional Venetian fare.  Until next year!

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